Compare SIM Only Plans

If you already have a handset, are in limbo waiting for the next big phone to launch or simply want a better mobile deal, a pay monthly SIM Only Plan is ideal. We have compared all the options from the major networks and have listed them on our site.


Vodafone SIM Only Plans
plan prices start from just £9.50 a month.

O2 SIM Only Plans
plans prices start from just £8.00 a month.

EE SIM Only Plans
plan prices start from just £9.99 a month.

Three SIM Only Plans
plan prices start from just £7.00 a month.

Tesco SIM Only Plans
plan prices start from just £7.50 a month.

The Peoples Operator SIM Only Plans
plan prices start from just £5.00 a month (30 day contracts)


Top reasons to consider taking out a SIM Only Plan

  • No contracts or catches – Cancel any time
  • Get more minutes, text and date for less £s each month
  • Keep the handset you know and love
  • New 4G SIM Only Plans are now available to buy online
  • keep your current number or choose a new one for free
  • Upgrade/downgrade your SIM only plan without any penalties
  • Easy to switch. Just change SIM card when new one arrives!


Search all SIM Only Plans by network
We compare all the networks so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal.



SIM Only Plans explained in more detail

These plans work and are billed in the same way as a pay monthly phone, but contracts start from just 1 month and includes a free SIM card that you put into your existing mobile phone. SIM Only Plans are the perfect solution for most users as they don’t tie you down and line rental costs are a lot lower compared to normal contract deals. Along with this you also get more minutes, texts and other extras like internet included each month.

What’s the catch you might be thinking?
Non if we are honest. The mobile phone networks can offer these deals because they don’t have to supply a new handset and they also see this as a lot less of a risk if a bill goes unpaid. So with this they can afford to give you more for your money plus cut out the added catches like an 18 ,24 or even 36 month contract.

SIM Only for bad credit
A question we get asked all the time is are SIM only deals good for people with bad or little credit history? In our experience yes they are as those with a not so good credit rating tend to get accepted a lot more compared to a contract deal that includes a phone.
In the past netwroks have allowed users with bad credit on SIM Only Plans to upgrade to a package which includes a new phone. For this it would require you to have a few months worth of paid on time bills under your hat.

Need more help?
We have set up a dedicated help centre which is always updated with common questions and answers. You can view this by clicking here.