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Get an allocated amount of minutes / texts / data each month for one low monthly cost. SIM only plans offer all the benefits of a pay monthly phone but without being tied to a long contract. Most plans have a short 1 month minimum term and include a free SIM card that you put into your existing mobile phone.

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What is SIM Only?

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SIM only deals are the perfect solution for most users as they don’t tie you down and line rental costs are much lower compared to normal contract deals that include a phone. Along with this you also get more minutes, texts and other extras like data included each month.

What’s the catch you might be thinking?
None if we are honest. The mobile phone networks can offer these deals because they don’t have to supply a new mobile handset and they also see this as less of a risk if a bill goes unpaid. So, with this they can afford to give you more for your money plus cut out the added catches like a 12, 18 or even 24 month contract!

Can I keep my existing number?
You sure can and best of all it’s free to do so! Simply text the word ‘PAC’ to 65075 from the number you want to keep and within 1 minute your current network will text you back a code. When you sign up to your new network simply give them this 9 digit code and they will do the rest.

Bad or no credit history
Because these plans don’t include an expensive smartphone, it can be much easier to be accepted for a SIM only plan. In fact, some networks have even stopped running credit checks altogether and guarantee that you will be allowed to join the network.

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