1 Month SIM Only Contracts

This is the perfect option to select if you are waiting for a new handset to launch or simply don’t like being tied to long mobile phone contracts. As the title suggests you only have to give your network 30 days notice to cancel.

Prices for 1 month contracts will cost slightly more per month, but if you want to move network, cancel or upgrade then you will be free to do so at any time.

Cheapest SIM Only Plans with a 1 Month Contract

Why choose a 1 Month contract SIM Only Plan?

  • No ties – cancel any time
  • Super flexible and perfect for those who are waiting for a new handset launch
  • Allows you to upgrade/move network to take advantage of any new deals
  • Only cost slightly more per month compared to 12 month plans
  • Get loads of inclusive minutes, texts and internet data to use each and every month

Looking to save even more money?
If so why not look at taking out a 12 month SIM Only Plan? For slightly more commitment you can save many up to £10 a month compared to 30 day rolling contracts. To see the latest 12 month deals please check out our page here.