Check coverage for all UK mobile networks

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Getting the best deal on a SIM only plan is important but even more so is knowing that your phone will get a signal in the places you visit the most. To help you do this we have created this page to cover everything you need to know about coverage all over the UK from the leading networks.

Coverage checking tips
  • Check your home and work postcode
  • Take a moment to think about other places you visit the most. (such as the pub!)
  • See if the network you are looking to join shows future planned coverage.
  • Check to see if services such as 3G / 4G / 5G are available in your area.

Did you know?

The UK only has 4 mobile networks that operate their own masts. Networks such as Sky mobile and Smarty (known as MVNOs) use the networks of one of these. We have listed below ways to check coverage and which network uses which.

EE Coverage

EE Logo
UK population coverageSpeedsNetworks (MVNOs) who use EE
99.9%2G,3G,4G + 5GBT Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Asda Mobile

Vodafone Coverage

UK population coverageSpeedsNetworks (MVNOs) who use Vodafone
99.9%2G,3G,4G + 5GVoxi

Three Coverage

UK population coverageSpeedsNetworks (MVNOs) who use Three
99.9%3G,4G + 5GSmarty, id mobile

O2 Coverage

UK population coverageSpeedsNetworks (MVNOs) who use O2
99.9%2G,3G,4G + 5GSky Mobile, GiffGaff, Tesco Mobile

Network coverage FAQs

What network has the best signal?
The simple answer is no one network has the best. You will find that in different locations all the networks will have better and worse coverage. One network may offer full signal at your home while another will not. However at a friends house it might be the other way round.

Who offers the fastest speeds
This depends on location and how busy the local mast is at the time. However, independent tests have shown in the past that EE has been achieving higher speeds in more areas compared to the other networks.

But this isn’t the case all the time. Checking your coverage using the links above will give some idea on potential speeds you are likely to achive.

When will 5G launch in my area?
All the UK networks have now launched 5G and are beginning to roll out the service to new areas all the time. Some networks are ahead of others and some have 5G in areas others don’t. Using the coverage checkers above is the best way to stay updated.

Is 2G still available?
The answer is yes in most parts of the UK and on all networks (except for Three). If you only make calls and texts, 2G is great because the signal can travel much further then technologies such 4G for example.

Not many phones being sold today only support 2G. The only ones we know about are SIM Free models that are produced by Nokia and are aimed at people who want a solid and reliable but basic handset.

The only network these types of handsets will not work on is Three as they have been using a minimum of 3G from day one. All other UK networks support 2G and have no plans to switch this off at the moment.