Can I keep my number?

Yes! Best of all it won’t cost you a penny and the process is really easy too.

Before signing up to a new network and plan you will first need to contact your current mobile phone provider. Here you need to ask them for your PAC code. This will be 8 characters long. Keep this safe because you will need it later.

Now you can order your new plan!
At the time of ordering or in same cases after you have been connected you will be asked if you want to bring your existing number over to your new plan. This is when you you need to supply your PAC code!

What’s great is you can select the day you want it to be moved across.

What happens on moving day?
From around 8am to 6pm is the time the move could take place. You will know when it’s been completed because your old phone will no longer be able to make/receive calls. The move is all done at the sametime so when your old SIM is killed off your new one will start working right away. This means you shouldn’t experience any loss of service.

Why keeping your number is a good idea?
The first is obvious. It means you don’t have to update family, friends an anyone else that you have a new number.

The best part is though that when your number has been transferred it will kill your old contract and stop any further bills! With some networks it even means you don’t have to give the usual 30 days notice. So keeping your current number will save you money!


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