What are the disadvantages of a SIM Only Plan?

For some people the only thing that might be a problem is that SIM Only Plans don’t come with a handset included. But you have to look at the whole picture and calculate the savings over the life of a typical 24 month contract which includes a phone.

It’s worth remembering that almost all pay monthly deals that include a phone make you sign a 24 month contract.

The maximum contract length on any SIM Only plans is just 12 months.

A little tip!

If you need a new phone you can still take out a SIM only plan and save a fortune. To get the best deal we suggest If you buy a new handset on pay as you go rather than SIM free you can save alot of money.

Pay as you go phones are subsidised by the networks so this is why they work out cheaper than SIM free. Once purchased you can swap the SIM with your own!


Reasons why SIM Only makes sense

  • Shorter contracts mean you can move plan/network more often to get the best deal
  • You get more minutes, texts and data for alot less each month
  • 30 day rolling contracts available or sign for 12 months to get even more value


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