What is a bundle?

You may have seen the word bundle mentioned when searching for a SIM Only Deal. A bundle is the term for a package which includes a set amount of free inclusive minutes, texts and data each month. Each month you will be charged line rental and included in this cost will be a bundle. It might only include one of these items or all of them.

If you go over the set amount of calls, texts or data you will be charged. These can vary and the cost for your plan is included on the sign up page.

A quick tip!
If you keep going over your monthly allowance it might be worth upgrading your plan to one that includes more of what you need. For an few extra few £ a month line rental you could in the long run save much more.

In fact we spoke to a user of our site a while ago and he had just upgraded to a price plan which cost an extra £5 a month, but because he now gets unlimited minutes he was saving over £100 a month compared to his old SIM Only Plan!


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