Will I Be Credit Checked?

This depends on mobile phone network you are applying to. Some will run a credit search while we know that others don’t.

If you have bad credit
The good news is because SIM Only Plans don’t include an expensive handset and have shorter contracts, the networks are more likely to accept you even if you have a poor / non existent credit history.

Our advice
The best bet is to apply for a plan and see what they say. It’s worth remembering that just because one network declines you doesn’t mean that another will.

If you fail the search they will contact you to discuss options. This can include special terms such as putting a monthly limit of calls, texts and data. another option we have seen is that you can choose to pay a refundable deposit at the time of joining.

This is held by the network and will be used if you fail to pay a bill. At the end of your contract you can ask for this back if you don’t owe them any further money.


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