Mobile Networks

We compare all the major UK mobile phone networks along with many of the smaller ones (known as MVNOs). To see full details and to compare deals, simply click on each of the networks below to be taken to their dedicated pages.

Sky Mobile
Plusnet Mobile
Tesco Mobile

How to choose a mobile network

Finding great value SIM only plans has been made really simple thanks to sites like ours but working out which network is best can be a bit more tricky! In this section we have written this guide to help you work out the best option for you.

Cheapest might not be best
We all love a bargain but sometimes cheap can come at a price. We have found that some of the best deals come with strings attached such as 24 month contracts. Over the last year prices on SIM only deals have come down across all the networks and being tied in to a longer contract means you can not upgrade as soon.

Plans with shorter contracts can be taken out on other networks and these can beat those that tie you in for longer.

So, this is something to consider when choosing your next SIM only plan.

Network coverage
Not all networks have the same coverage in all areas. Different networks will be better and worse all over the UK. We always suggest checking signal at places you are at the most. For many, this will be at home, work or the pub!

If you plan to use lots of mobile data, checking if 4G and now 5G are available in your area is a must. Some networks still only have 3G in many areas and this will result in slower internet speeds.

We’ve created a network coverage page which will help you check the signal in your area.

Mid contract price rises
We’ve all been in this situation. You’ve Found a great deal but then a few months later you get an email to say your plan is going up. This tends to be around March each year and will be the RPI (retail price index) rate of inflation plus a further increase on top from the mobile network.

Before taking out a plan its a good idea to see if your chosen network plans to put its plan prices up each year.

Those on a 30 day contract don’t need to worry because you can simply change plan or leave the network.