No credit check SIM only

Having a bad credit history shouldn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the value and flexibility of a SIM only plan. The below mobile phone networks still allow you to sign up for a pay monthly SIM only deal. They will automatically let you join and this means that you can enjoy great prices from short contract SIM-only plans.

Smarty SIM Only

Plans from just £6.00 per month

Voxi SIM Only

Plans from just £10.00 per month

How does a no credit check SIM only plan work?

These SIM only deals don’t require you to pass a credit check. Just like a regular contract phone, you pay a monthly fee and for that you get a set amount of minutes, texts and data each month.

Also being a no credit option means that you wont be able to run up any surprise bills either which is always a bonus!

These no credit check SIM only plans tend to work on a rolling 30 day or 1 month contract basis. They are a great option because you can you can upgrade/downgrade or cancel at any time and there’s no financial penalty to pay either which is always welcome!

Who are these plans aimed at?
No credit check SIM only deals are ideal if you’ve been through a tough patch financially. It means you can join the SIM only family and save on your mobile bills.

Long term they can even help you to repair your credit rating. This is because if you pay your bill on time it shows companies that you are a safe bet. This could work in your favour when looking to upgrade to say a phone contract with a handset later on too.

Going forward, It may even help you to obtain financial products such as loans, credit cards and mortgages too.

Other people to benefit from these plans might be If you’re new to the UK. This will be because you’ve got no credit history here.

Teenagers and young adults could also make use of one of these plans because they too may not have enough credit history to obtain other types of phone deals.

How am I billed?
The two networks we feature above take your monthly payment via a credit/debit card or you can use a payment service such as PayPal. You can save a payment method and this can automatically bill you at the start of each month.

If you need or want to cancel, you can simply click the do “not renew button” within your account and at the end of the billing month your service will end.