Plusnet Mobile SIM Only

Plusnet have been around for over 20 years now and are famous for offering low cost, reliable home broadband. In November 2016 they joined the mobile market and now offer a great choice of SIM Only Plans with no long contracts.

They have deals starting from just £6.00 a month through to £12.00 a month for unlimited minute and text plans with loads of data.

Minutes + TextsDataContractMonthly cost
Unlimited4GB30 days£6.00
Unlimited14GB30 days£8.00
Unlimited25GB30 days£12.00

Choose your Plusnet SIM plan

Plans start from just £6.00 per month

Reasons to choose Plusnet Mobile

Only a 30 day contract
All Plusnet mobile SIM Only Plans only require you to commit for 30 days. This means you can leave or upgrade for free at anytime after your first month.

Broadband customers are rewarded
If you are a current Plusnet broadband customer you can enjoy double data each month at no extra cost.

Never run up an unwanted bill
Called Smart Cap, Plusnet  takes all the worry out of your monthly bill by allowing you to set a monthly price cap. This means you’ll never pay more than you expect to. This can be added, changed or removed from your account at anytime free of charge.

No tethering charges
You can use your phones monthly data limit on devices such as tablets, laptops and anything else that can connect to the internet.

One SIM fits all
When taking out your new SIM  only deal you can relax knowing that all SIMs fit all phones.

UK Customer Support
Plusnet are proud to be British. Based in Yorkshire, if you need help someone based in the UK is always on hand to help.

Plusnet Mobile Coverage

Plusnet use the EE network which means you can enjoy better 4G / 5G coverage and great data speeds in more places compared to any other UK mobile phone network.