Three Unlimited Data SIM

Minutes + TextsDatatethering / hotspotContractMonthly cost
UnlimitedUnlimitedIncluded at no extra cost12 Months£10.50

Full SIM deal info

The day many of us have been dreaming about has finally arrived. Yep, the first mobile plan in the UK to include totally uncapped mobile data is here! This SIM plan from Three really does come with unlimited fast 4G data and has no catches or restrictions. Simply use as much data as you want each and every month. No caps and no fuss.

Tethering information
A really exciting and handy feature is that Three allow you to use your data to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. They also don’t impose any limits either. So, you can use as much data on all your other devices such as laptops, iPads and other tablets.

Calls and texts
Along with the endless data, you also get unlimited UK minutes and texts thrown in too. Mighty handy for mega long conversations and texting sessions!

Use your phone abroad for free
Nobody likes roaming charges, so Three have created something called Feel at home. In short, this means you can use your calls, texts and data allowance in 71 destinations worldwide at no extra cost.

Tried and tested by us!
New SIM Only Plans are released almost daily but when we saw Three launch this unlimited data plan we got rather excited!

We use tons of data, so we thought we could kill two birds with one stone. Test this plan and keep connected to the internet at a great price!

We’ve now had this plan for 3 months and so far have used over 150GB a month. Three have not complained and the speed has been consistent.

Not only have we used our plan to do general web browsing but we have used data hungry applications such as Spotify, YouTube and Netflix. The speed has always been fast enough and we have not had any complaints from Three over using too much data.

This plan to be honest could replace your home broadband too.

Choosing the best option
Three offer this plan on a 12 month contract for just £20.00 a month or you can take it out on a 30 day contract for just £32.00 a month.

Both offer great value for money and allow you to use your mobile without the fear of running out of usage or being faced with out of bundle charges.