Unlimited texts SIM only plans

If you send lots of text messages each month it would be a smart move to look for a SIM only plan that either comes with a large allowance of texts or better still opt for a price plan that has an unlimited texts bundle attached to it. This then means you can text as and when you need without the worry of running up a huge phone bill.

Sky Mobile
Plusnet Mobile
Tesco Mobile

More about unlimited texts

Do unlimited text messages really mean unlimited?
Most of the time yes. A select few price plans may have fair usage limits and these tend to state 3000 text messages a month. Most networks now though when they say unlimited they really do mean this. If this is not the case it is stated clearly on the sign up page.

Can I keep my current number?
Yes! In fact all UK mobile phone networks and SIM price plans allow you to do this. Best of all it’s free to move your number and is very straight forward.

What numbers can I text using my unlimited bundle
You can any UK mobile phone that starts with 07 and it doesn’t matter which network they are on. Exclusions apply to 070 numbers because these are not mobile phones.

Contract duration
SIM only plans that include unlimited text bundles are now available on all networks with either a 30 day or 12 month contract.

Need more help choosing?
If so why not see the entire range of Unlimited Text SIM Only Plans by checking out each networks price plans via our Networks section.